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About Us


Tera Tasker was created and designed as a trusted platform to help people seeking (Seekers) to get their chores or tasks done by linking them with skilled contractors (Taskers) who have been used and reviewed by other people.  


The idea of Tera Tasker was first mooted when our founder was frustrated as he could not find the right person for the work he wanted to do despite going through the usual channels like Google, Advertisements, Friends, and Recommendations etc. The search for the right person was not only time consuming and manually laborious, but he also ended up with shoddy and bad workmanship and he had to fork out money up front for a job that was not even completed and to a person he does not know. In the end, he ended up losing more money having to hire another person to fix the problems created by the first person. Sounds familiar?


Alas, he was not alone. We have found that many people experience the same problems of using contractors they do not know due to the lack of choices and having to deal with the same problems.


Our mission here is to connect Seekers with the right Tasker for the job, at the right price. All of this is done at your fingertips without even having to leave the comfort of your home. You are safeguarded with our system to ensure the Tasker is only paid after their work is done and up to standards as defined by the Seeker. There is also a review system to ensure that Seekers are well informed about the Taskers they wish to engage for their job.


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